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A number of class action lawsuits were started across Canada against Cadbury, Hershey, Nestlé and Mars entities, and ITWAL Limited (a distributor). The lawsuits claim that the defendants conspired to fix or maintain prices for chocolate products in Canada, causing chocolate buyers to pay artificially high prices for chocolate products.


The class action lawsuits have now been settled, and the settlements were approved by the courts in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec for all of Canada.  Together, the defendants, Cadbury Adams Canada Inc., Hershey Canada Inc., Nestlé Canada Inc., and Mars Canada Inc., paid $23.2 million for the benefit of persons who bought Cadbury, Hershey, Nestlé and/or Mars chocolate products in Canada during the relevant period. The Settlements represent a resolution of claims. The defendants do not admit to any wrong-doing. 


The deadline for claiming compensation under the settlements is December 15, 2013. The claims portal will remain open after this date and directions will be sought from the Court as to whether claims filed after this date will be permitted.  Click here to file a claim.


Click here for more information about the settlements, the distribution of the settlement funds and the process of claiming compensation under the settlements.

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